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The variable area meter consists of a tapered metering tube and a float which is free to move up and down within the tube. The metering tube is mounted vertically with the small end at the bottom. The fluid to be measured enters at the bottom of the tube, passes upward around the float, and out at the top. The flow rate can be read by observing the position of the float. Right purpose for inline installation.

Technical Specifications:

Fluid:CS, SS, PTFE

Line Size:¼” TO 4” Suitable for the flow

Operational Pressures:20 Kg per cm2

Operational Temperature:200oC Max

Flow:1-10 LPH TO 2500-25000 LPH of H2O

FFD:500 mm

Flow Direction:Vertical - Bottom to top

Wetted Parts:C.S / SS 304 / SS 316 / PTFE loaded

Float:C.S / SS 304 / SS 316 / PTFE


Suitable for all types of liquids and gases

Electric Connection not necessary

Easy to maintain

Clear Visibility

Design modified to suit the application conditions