Acryl-O Flow Indicator


Broken Glass & Leaking Glands -
No More Maintenance men weary of leakages from Oil Level Indicators on Gear Boxes, Machine Oil Sumps, Pump Bearing Housings, Hydraulic Power Packs, Textile Machinery, etc. Engineers can breathe a sigh of relief.

'Acryl-O', New Solid Acrylic Oil Level Indicator is the ultimate substitute for the conventional leaky-breaky - HYDAX, Hi Lo, Bull's Eye type or L Type Oil Level Indicators, due to its clear, transparent and unbreakable 25x25 square acrylic body.


1. L Type :
LBB - Banjobolt - Bottom Connection
LSB - Square block - Bottom Connection

2. Flush Type :
FBB - Banjobolt - Dual Connection
FSB - Square block - Dual Connection

Visible Length

40, 80, 120, 150, 200, 250 & Custom specs.
VL includes 25 mm blind at each end
in case of Metal Sq. Block mounted models
LSB & FSB, and equals CC distance in case of
Banjobolt models LBB and FBB.


Partial List of users :
Indian Navy, L&T, GSFC, Bayer, Telco,
Thermax, Indian Rayon, Century Rayon,
NRC, Cynamid, Pan Century - Malaysia

Ordering Details

Model, Visible Length - VL

Std. Conn. :1/4' BSP,

Spl. mm, BSP, UNF, BSF,

Adaptors : 1/4' x 3/8', 1/4' x 1/2' BSP,

Extn. Hose, if required