Magnetic Level Switches

Applications : Liquefied Gases like LPG, C4-Cut, AHF, EO, Ethylene, Pesticides, Petrochems, Acids, Alkalis and simple liquids like Oils, Water, etc. (Please specify and confirm suitablity)


Top Entry, Displacer Type Stepless Adjustable Level Switch.

Displacers are attached to multistrand SS316 Wire rope, at appropriate levels. As the level rises, they submerge and loose weight. A magnet attached to the top end of rope, moves inside a blind SS316 sleeve, on top and operates the level switches, mounted externally, one by one, magnetically. Contact change from NO to NC and vice versa.

Magnetic Level Transmitters


Internal Self Float (Guided doughtnut float)

A doughnut shaped magnetic float moves with level over a blind guide pipe. Resistance of the PCB inside the pipe, changes magnetically, proportionate to float position. This is converted into 4-20 mA and HART® Communication by transmitter. LCD Display is optional. Intrinsic Safety to IS - 5780 Gr. IIC