Reflex Liquid Level Gauges

Contrast Indication
Inner surface of glass has
reflecting prisms.Liquid
column appears black
in contrast to mirror like
space above.

Transparent Liquid Level Gauges

Through Vision
Permits observations of level,
colour and clarity of liquid
through pair of heavy duty
glasses on either side of
liquid chamber.


RKD Reflex / Transparent Gauges are designed
specially to meet most exacting requirements
of Petrochemical, Fertilizer,
Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industries
- involving inflammable, toxic liquids under
high temperature and pressure.


GSFC, GNFC, Narmada Chematur, GACL, Indian Oil,
Atul, Balco, Nirma, IOCL, Unichem, Gharda, Clariant,
Diamines and Chem., AlkylAmine, Thermax,
Kirloskar Pneumatic, etc.

We Provide

* Liquid Chamber : Machined from single piece steel bar
- IS 1875, ASTM A-515/516 - BQ and
St. Steel etc. or forged bars in ASTM
A-105 or A-182.

* C.C. Distance : Upto 3.5 meters using combinations of
different glass sizes as per BS 3463/1962

* Connection : 15 to 50 NB flanged to BS / ASA / DIN Cust.

* Drain & Vent : 1/4' to 1' BSP or NPT, Plugs/Valves

* Cover Plates : SS, CS or forged - ASTMA105 etc.

* Hardware: SS, CS or alloy steel - ASTMA A - 193
Gr. B7 & A194 Gr. 2h or Custom Specs.

* Cushion : CAF, PTFE, etc.

* Gaskets : CAF, PTFE, Metal inserted Graphoile etc.

* Glasses & Temperature Rating:
a. Indian toughened Sodasilicate for -10o C to 120o C.
b. Imported Moulded & Thermally prestressed
Borosilicate glasses of Klinger-Austria , Ilmadur -
Germany or Maxos-Schott make conforming to DIN 7081.
# Standard glasses - minus 10o C to 320o C.
# Special TA 28 - minus 10o C to 350o C.

* Hydrotest: Duration 20 Min. for pressure specified below
a. Standard: 1.5 x Op. Pressure
b. IBR : 2 x Op. Pressure
c. EIL Approved Gauges:

Type Large Chamber Standard
Reflex 50 Kg/cm2 168 Kg/cm2
Transp. 40 Kg/cm2 88 Kg/cm2

Special Options

* Isolation / Drain Valves : Built-in isolation valves with autoshut off ball
check arrangement as options. BoltedOS & Y
forged bonnet (see sketch) or screwed bonnet.
* IBR : These Gauges can be offered with IBR approval.
* Scales : SS / Acrylic / Anodised Alumin, engraved in Cms.
* Mica / KLF Protection : High grade mica /KLF protection against high
temperature liquids which may react and
render glass opaque.
* Nonfrost Extension : For better visibility at sub zero temperatures
nonfrostextension made of clear transparent
perspex is offered.
* Built in heating jacket : To avoid solidification, hot steam is passed
along the length of the gauge.
* Illuminators : Wide angle Perspex reflector with bright light source
enclosed in flameproof enclosure to IS2148 Gr. IIa,
IIb & IIc as specified.

* Isolation Valve

Optional OS & Y Bolted Bonnet with autoshutoff ball
check cross section.


With respect to tank / vessel, Gauge position on
Right, Front or Left of the tank / vessel.

a. Full Visibility - Side Mounting
Vessel conncection within visible length.




b. Partial Visibility - End Mounting
Vessel connection beyond visible length.




Ordering Details

Please Specify Following

a. Process : Liquid, Colour, Pressure, Temperature

b. Gauge : MOC Wetted Parts, CoverPlate, Hardware,
Glasses-Borosilicate or Sodasilicate

c. Dimensions : C.C.Dist., Desired visibility

d. Options : Mica, KLF, Non frost, Jacket, Sp. Gaskets,
Drain/Vent-Plug/Valves, Illuminator, Scales,
IBR/CCE approval etc.

e. Mounting : Select from adjacent Sketches.