Glidomat Float and Board Indicator

How It Works


Models: L-16 with SS and L-16P with PP wetted parts.

Users: ONGC, Castrol, Adani, Wilmer, Marico, Wipro,
Guj, Ambuja, Sun-Pharma, Colgate, etc.


Models: L-16S with SS and L-16SP with PP wetted parts.

Users: BASF, Torrent, Orchid, Glaxo, Hind Ink, Aventis,
Excel, Heubach, Cheminova, Pidilite, Hoechst, etc.

Add-Ons and Options

Both versions can be offered with :

1. U-Seal : only for L-16 in CS/SS,
Nitrogen purged tanks.
2. Guide Wires :2.5 mm dia.,Single Strand SS Wire
with CS/SS Tension Bolt.
3. Level Transmitter : 4-20 mA, Loop Powered,
Intrinsically safe Digital Hart
or Analog Transmitter
- Magnatrans, with 12-28 VDC IS supply.
4. Level Switches : Flameproof, Steplessly
adjustable Magnastat switches.


L-16 - Glidomat: Water, Veg./Fuel/Lub. Oils, LSHS,
Dil. H2SO4, Dil., MeOH / CaCl2 Brine
HNO3, Brines, Caustic, Silicates,
Molasses, etc.

L-16S - Magnaseal : Solvents - Methanol, IPA,
Toluene, Hexane, Benzene,
HCI, NH4OH, etc.

Ordering Details

1. Process :
Liquid, Sp.Gr., Op. Press., Temp. & MOC

2. Dimensional:
Tank Ht., Nozzle NB, PCD, Distance from
Tank Edge.


Glidomat-L16 : SS Parts for Open Tanks

Magnaseal-L16S : SS Parts for Solvent Tanks

Glidomat-L16P : PP Parts for Open Tanks

Magnaseal-L16SP : PP Parts for HCI Tanks


Float :390 Dia. x 75 Ht. SS/PP
Rope:1.6 dia. SS/4 dia. PP Multistrand
Pulleys: SS/CS with SS bush/ Shaft,
PP with Glass shaft
Pulley Housing: Die cast Al./ PP lined Al.
Scale Board:For Open Model L 16 150 wide
machine made, Epoxy painted Al. Board
with Screen Printed meter scale.
1cm. Least Count.
Guide & Scale : For Vapourseal Model - L16S DN 25,
Sealed SS/PP pipe with 75mm wide
Epoxy painted Al. Board with Screen
Printed meter scale.
1cm. Least Count
Indication : 1. Direct : Prominent 210x80
Red Pointer cum Counterweight
2. Magnetic : Follower Capsule,
Bicoloured Rotocyl.
Bracket : CC/SS

Important Notes

1. Floats :
All Floats should be handled carefullyand protected from mechanical damage.
2. Wire Rope :
Avoid damage to multistrand wire rope. A single strand breaking will render them useless.
3. Guide Wires :
If insisted,we can provide guide wires with Tension Bolts. The possibility of one of the three wiresbreaking is high and it is impossible to replace float/wires without emptying and de-gassing the tanks. The replacement exercise may cost more than the cost of indicator. We have therefore designed new floats with low metacentric height. These Bottom Heavy-Self Centering Floats are stable and stay upright. They do not require guide wires.
4. Easy Replacement :
For indicators without guide wires, float/rope canbe replaced without emptying the tank.


Over 5000 Indicators are in use without
guide wires with clients like - IPCl, Indian Oil,
ONGC, IOCL, Hind. Lever, Glaxo, UPL, Bayer,
Novartis, Adani, Gharda, GIL, Aarti, Hoechst,
Excel, Orchid, Dujodwala, Pidilite,
Lupin, Castrol, etc.