About Us

Thane Works

Our Thane works is equipped most modern machining & welding facilities.

In addition we use special purpose machines & special Quality Assurance equipment, which ensure consistent quality & timely delivery. Our works is manned by highly qualified managerial staff and skilled workmen. The office is equipped with computers in local network, with access to each staff member.


Excellence has no limits, hence we are on a mission to perfect our products and develop new products.

We have signed an agreement for Contract Manufacturing of Flow Tubes for Magnetic Flow meter to
stringent technical specification for E+H Flowtubes Ltd. a 100% EOU of Endress & Houser, Switzerland.

The company is a part of Group of Associate companies viz.

1. Igatwin Polymers Pvt. Ltd. - mfgr. Fluropolymer lined Valves & pipe fittings,
2. Tansa Equipment Pvt. Ltd. - mfgr. Flow measuring Instruments.
3. Asanplast Engineers Pvt.Ltd.- mfgr. PTFE Moulded Component and
4. Lab-Field - mfgr. Laboratory science equipments

Excellence has no limits, hence the group is on a mission to perfect its existing products and develop
new products through research & development. We are working hard to expand its existing export
market, since the export not only contributes to the bottom line but also offers opportunity to better
product quality through demanding requirement.